I Am Up in Colorado

I got up here three days ago, it is sort of a working vacation. My buddy and I are up here working for his girlfriend’s grandfather. He has a lot of different real estate ventures, including a couple of luxury rentals in Vail and some things that are not quite ready. The place we are working on is a cabin and it used to be nice, but some idiots trashed the place. It appears that they were on some sort of drugs. The neighbors told us that they were acting bizarrely and that there was some guy walking around naked all of the time, looking as though he were completely lost. It is not really anything that is too serious, but it is a big mess and it is going to take some time to fix it all. We have been having a pretty good time when we are not working. There is a stream close by and I have been fishing in it. I went to the local Wal Mart for a fishing license and I asked the guy what was the best thing for catching brown trout with.

You can see the trout in this stream pretty easily. In fact you could probably catch them with your hands if you were patient enough. I saw this hillbilly doing it once at Pigeon Forge, although I am thinking that the fish in that stream had likely been put in there by someone for the hotel guests. It was strange looking, this guy would put socks over his hands and then just scoop the trout up and toss them onto the bank. His buddy would wait there and he would just go right ahead and start on the fish with a filleting knife. At any rate we have caught more trout than we wanted to eat.